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Social activism, is the term, but my mantra is Give to Live. I believe wholeheartedly in the concept of using your talents in the service of humanity. Our human essence is survival, but to thrive and live a balanced happy life, I know that giving is the core principle of that philosophy. It has enriched and informed my life and will continue to be my compass for living.


In 2004, when Paige Pedlar was only 6 1/2 years old she wrote the book, “Who Will Cuddle Them When They Sleep”, to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa. Glenn composed the song, Like a Child in response to her amazing book and an incredible journey began. Glenn travelled to South Africa to film a video for the song in 2004 and the video was played on Much Music and the sales from the song, book and five charity concerts held by Glenn, raised over 100 000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and created a tremendous sense of awareness for the HIV/AIDS problem in Southern Africa.


A friend of Glenn’s shared how her son had been badly bullied by members of his own hockey team. Glenn was so moved by her story, he composed Say My Name, raised money for a video, shot on location at a high school, organized and led a national anti-bullying campaign with partners, David Robinson and Lynnette Rumble that was featured on Global TV and the front page of the Toronto Star. Over 100 schools participated during the two year campaign and 1000 000 acts of kindness were documented by schools and community partners. The video has over 2, 500 000 views on YouTube and Glenn and his team were able to get endorsements from Justin Trudeau and an official mention in Parliament


Kind in Mind is a concept developed by Glenn Marais and refined in partnership with Lee Pham and Mickey Eves. The program is an inclusive, leadership program that teaches students how kindess creates a sense of mindfulness and being mindful, lets you see the value and importance of kindness. This revolutionary conference style programming is getting rave reviews from educators as it teaches by doing, and supports learning through positive action. Each facilitator teaches the students that their learning goals are to ensure that everyone learns and has fun doing the programs and that is where their success strategy lies. It is a wonderful program that is revolutionizing education


Glenn has worked in the far north in fly-in communities with non-profit DAREarts since 2006 and acted as Programs Manager for ArtsCan Circle from 2017-2020. He has developed relationships with the communities of Attawapiskat, Webequie, Fort Albany, Marten Falls, Nishkantaga, Pikangikum, and Gjoa Haven. Glenn received his Master of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier in 2017and his capstone project was on Indigenous history. He has applied to Trent Universities PHD program for Indigenous studies and has devoted his life to building good relationships with Indigenous communities and advocating for human rights and equitable treatment.


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