Community Programs

Black History/Anti-Racism

A riveting and powerful musical and visual journey through Black History that teaches, inspires and challenges audiences to reflect, learn and grow from the lessons of the past and recognize the joyful triumphs throughout history, present, with promise and hope for the future.


Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessiblity Former Artistic Outreach Coordinator for the Aurora Cultural Centre, Glenn is a passionate advocate for change specializing in music based education, wellness and healing.

Wellness & Mindfullness

Self-improvement is a constant in Glenn’s life, having recently completed a Master of Arts Degree at Wilfrid Laurier, a Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate at McMaster, and Reiki Level II Certification. Glenn incorporates wellness and mindfulness training into all of his school programs and can design something special and unique for your school

 Kind in Mind

One to two day mental wellness conference.

This incredible program begins with the Kind in Mind Keynote Concert led by award winning musician Glenn Marais. After the keynote students rotate through a series of workshops, with expert facilitators chosen by the school from a master list provided by Glenn. Programs include Yoga, Dance, Drumming, Self-Defense and Mindfulness. Each facilitator teaches from the Kind in Mind philosophy of inclusion and shared learning, with the emphasis on personal growth, providing strategies for inclusion during the kindness based activities. The primary goal is for each participant to feel valued and recognized.

School Song

Glenn Marais is a Juno-nominated singer/songwriter/character educator who uses his music for healing and hope. His innovative songwriting methods have produced hundreds of songs with schools over the course of his 20 year career in education. Each one is professionally recorded and presented to the school becoming a source of great pride and a wonderful way to unite staff, students and community together.

Jam Speak Songwriting Program

Jam Speak is a theme-based writing program that engages students on a topic that results in the creation of an original song. Songwriting is a fantastic way to educate students on social, political and emotional issues around the world and at home. All songs are recorded with Glenn’s Mobile Studio, performed live and includes Grades 4-12

Indigenous Partnerships and Cultural Education

Glenn has worked in the far north since 2007 with charity DAREarts songwriting and teaching leadership to indigenous youth. He was the Program Manager for ArtsCanCircle, a charity that brings workshops and instruments to Indigenous communities, Glenn’s Capstone for his Masters Degree was a presentation on Indigenous history and rights in Canada and with this wealth of knowledge and experience he has created several programs in partnership with indigenous visual artists and musicians for schools to choose from.

Wellness Drum Circle

Glenn leads students and staff on a program that is inspired by the culture and techniques of West African drumming in a unique method created by Glenn that develops unity, harmony and respect.

Students and staff rave about the drumming and the feeling of connection, unity and how much fun it is! Glenn works by instilling a culture of respect and teamwork as a priority over the performance and students quickly embrace this philosophy with the result being riveting performances with synchronized and complex drum patterns.

Keynote Presentation

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Recording a Song with Widdifield Song

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