Say My Name Canada

The Say My Name anti bullying song was released on Pink Shirt Day in 2015. Please share this message of how kindness can change the way we treat each other with the rest of the world.

This project was a true collaborative effort that involved Huron Heights Secondary School students & staff, the Glenn Marais Band and Jerry Andrews and his crew that produced the video.

“Say My Name Canada” is a kindness challenge that began on Jan.25 2015 and culminating with the international release of the video for Say my Name, on Feb25th. This is a song written to combat the growing issue of bullying. We are asking everyone in Canada & around the world to join us in a month of kindness. Keep track of your kindness acts and post how many you do as a school, company, family, organization or group of friends through our “Kindness Counter” at

Help us reach 1,000,000 acts of kindness.

You can register as a group on the website and watch the number grow, read the stories, look at the pictures and be inspired. Challenge your friends and other schools to do acts of kindness. Let’s show the world how kind Canada can be.

Send us a video, tell us your story, share a pic of you, your friends and family wearing pink shirts or doing something kind.

Share your story of bullying and we will share it with the world to help everyone heal. We are going to send a wave of kindness from Canada right around the world and on Pink Shirt Day, a day to recognize all victims of bullying and send a message of hope, we will announce the number of acts of kindness collected across Canada and release the video for “Say My Name.”

Join us, share with your friends, family, company, schools, everyone you know and let’s all join together to STOP BULLYING NOW!