Positive Classrooms

Music in Mind Edu-tainment 

Glenn Marais (he/him) is a wellness educator with his Masters in Arts at Laurier, Mindfulness and Meditation  Certificate for McMaster and Reiki Level II Certification who believes in the power of kindness and self-awareness.  He has 20 years of character education, specializing in inclusivity, equity, diversity, and accessibility. www.glennmarais.ca 

Mickey Eves, Mindfulness Mentor 

Mickey Eves (she/her) is a growth mindset and mindfulness coach, author, illustrator, and kindness ambassador.  She has a master certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming and Hypnosis and other wellness modalities. She has  worked, both individually and in group settings, with kids and teens for two decades, to help them discover the  power of uniqueness and the greatness that already lives within them. 


“Kindness changes the brain by the experience of kindness. Children and adolescents do not learn kindness by only thinking  about it and talking about it. Kindness is best learned by feeling it so that they can reproduce it.” 

Patty O’Grady, PhD: an expert in emotional learning and positive psychology, specializes in education.

21-day Kindness Journey for Schools

The 21-day Kindness Journey for Schools program is designed to engage students at an individual, classroom, and  whole-school level.  

After an interactive opening assembly with Glenn and Mickey, each classroom receives a grade-specific workshop  that delves into the importance of kindness, and the impact it creates. Collectively, we explore the needs and wants  of the students and identify strategies to help support their growth amidst social challenges. Each class then embarks on a 21-day journey to define kindness and evaluate how it impacts themselves and  others, while creatively tracking and displaying their acts of kindness. 

Upon completion of the 21 days, Glenn and Mickey return for a kindness celebration assembly. Here, each class  gets to share their experiences with the school in the format that they chose. In the past students have brought  their displays, written songs, poems, etc. 

The program includes support materials for the teachers and the school to utilize during and after the program. 

Benefits of a Kindness-based Socialization Program 

  1. Happy, caring children with a greater sense of belonging and improved self-esteem 
  2. Increased peer acceptance 
  3. Improved health and less stress 
  4. Increased feelings of gratitude 
  5. Better concentration and improved results 
  6. Less bullying: adolescent bullying and violence can be confronted with in-school programs that integrate kindness into  the school culture 

Glenn Marais: glennmarais@hotmail.com Mickey Eves: mickey.eves@sympatico.ca

Gr 7-8 

Team-building and legacy  

Activities with strategies for co-leading the school program 

  • Groups of 4-5 students are responsible for a classroom and check in once a week to motivate, encourage,  and assist teachers with program development. 
  • As a class, plan and organize a celebration assembly with lead teacher using provided template. 
  • Create a project/video/song that talks about legacy—how you can include, inspire, and change the entire  school— to share at the celebration assembly. 

Gr 5-6 

Social Skills 

How can kindness create a more inviting space for myself and my classmates, and help me to be mindful of my  environment, school, and actions? How can I create a safe space for myself and others and why does it matter? 

Gr. 2-4 


Thinking of others, helping them, and looking for opportunities to be kind and welcoming to everyone and our  environment. 


Song and Share  

Musical message, discussion of the power of kindness and the happiness it can bring to you and everyone around  you. 

‘Say My Name’ Campaign Prompts Acts of Kindness.

A 16-year-old spends two hours every Sunday visiting a seniors’ home. A businessman helped a homeless person publish his book of poetry. And a busy mom is “making the extra effort” to cook meals that are healthier for her family and the planet.


York Region is quickly becoming the kindness capital of the world as every day, kids, companies, community members and dozens of schools log their good deeds and thoughtful gestures.

They’ve signed up for a 30-day campaign called “Say My Name Canada” challenging the region’s residents and all Canadians to perform acts of kindness in a bid to stop bullying.