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From a dream to a demo

Mojo Productions is a full-service audio and video production team with years of live and recorded music production experience. They are commited and dedicated to creating productions at a high level. Each member has their own production studio, with the main studio, Nik Nak Studio run by Graham Shaw, that has full production capacity and is wired with integrated video production.


Many aspiring musicians and bands have the dream of taking your original music to a studio and recording your song at a high level. The dream could be a release online, a CD or Vinyl release, or a demo to shop your music in the industry. Your ambitions may be higher and you may want a radio ready recording. At Mojo Productions we work in partnership with our clients and help them navigate through the process of recording your music. We have lived through mistakes and experienced the disappointment of paying what can be a lot of money for a product that is not satisfactory. Our goal is to help you record at the highest level possible within your budget. There is a process that we have refined through experience and hard work, and it produces incredible results. Here are the steps to a successful recording:
        1. Song Demo and Project Meeting
        2. Budget plan
        3. Pre-Production and Arrangement
        4. Bed Tracks 
        5. Overdubs and layering
        6. First Mix
        7. Finalizing the Master Mix
        8. Mastering your recording
        9. Release
We want your recording to be done at the highest level of production that you can afford and through our innovative and detailed process, we are able to guide you and assist you in taking your dream to a demo and beyond.


Mojo has an incredible network of world-class musicians for your productions and the ability and capacity to record in any style at any level. From a demo to a mastered radio ready production, put your talent in the hands of Mojo and their expertise in delivering not just great sound, but productions that work with the client’s best interests at heart within the capacity of their budget.

Glenn Marais-guitar/vocals/songwriting, arranging engineering and production
Manny DeGrandis-Bass guitar, arranging, production, video production and editing and live streaming management and production
Jesse Karwat-Keyboards, Vocals, arranging, engineering, production, video production, editing and live streaming management and production
Graham Shaw-Drums/Percussion, engineering, production, live video production and streaming

Price and Gear List​

Advanced Audio CM47ve
AKG C414 ULS b
AKG D12e
AKG D202
Aston Element (x2)
Aston Stealth
Audix D4 (x2)
Audix D6
Beyer Dynamic M260
Crown PCC (x2)
Electro Voice RE20 (x2)
Sennheiser 421 mk ii (x2)
Shure Beta 181 (x2)
Shure SM57s
many more…

Studer 963a with 17 mic inputs and 8 8uses

UA Apollo 16 mk ii

Outboard Preamps
API 3124+
Chameleon Labs 7603



Chameleon Labs 7802
DBX 160vu (x2)
FMR PBC-6A (x2)
Urei 1178

2020 Mac Mini i7 with 64gb ram
Logic X
Final Cut Pro
Davinci Resolve
Izotope RX 8

Acoustic 450
1970 Fender Bassman
Peavey 400 Series Bass
Peavey Triple X mk i
Rexx Model 1602
Tech 21 Sansamp RBI (rack bass pre)
1972 Traynor YBA-1
1975 Traynor Mark 3
Traynor TS100
Vox AC4HW1
Yamaha RA100 Rotary Amp

Hammond L102 (modded)
Korg Delta analog string synth
Yamaha Clavinova digital piano


1960s Ludwig 22×14,12×8,13×9,16×16
Early 70s Slingerland 18×14,12×8,14×14
Early 70s Slingerland 24×14,13×9,15×12,18×16
1979 Slingerland Black/Gold 22×16,8×8,10×10,12×12,13×13,16×16
1975 Pearl Fibreglass 22×16, 16×16, Ludwig Vistalite 13×9
“Tea Towel” orphan kit 1960s Ludwig 22×16,20×14,15×12, 70s Slingerland 12×8
Shaw Custom Maple 20×18,8×7,10×8,13×11,15×12

1966 Ludwig Acrolite 14×5.5
1953 Ludwig Jazz Festival 14×5.5
1985 Ludwig Superphonic 14×6.5
1970s Ludwig steel parade snare 15×12
Early 70s Slingerland Gene Krupa COB 14×5.5
1979 Slingerland maple/poplar 14×5.5
Early 80s CB700 MX birch/mahogany 14×8
DW Collector’s Series Brass 14×6.5
Shaw Stave Bubinga 13×6.5
Shaw Stainless Steel 13×6.5
Shaw Stave Indian Rosewood 14×5.5

All types of small hand percussion, congas, bongos, African drums, etc…

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