MusicCan Fundraiser's

November 2, 2023

Thursday Night Bingo-Nov.02, 09th  (Pop-up Set with Manny and Glenn-7:30-8)  16th, 23rd, 30th

Market Brewery-7-9 P.M.

All proceeds to MusicCan-a non-profit created by Glenn Marais and Manny DeGrandis to provide instruments and lessons to underserved youth across Canada. To date they have four students enrolled in lessons, have donated over 20 guitars, ten fiddles to an Indigenous Music Camp in Edmonton, a keyboard guitar and Ukulele to Webequie First Nation, a remote fly-in Indigenous Reserve, purchased 30 Djembe Drums for Maple Leaf Public School and running a drum program for the school. Currently working on providing music facilitation for Deer Park PS Bi-weekly and continuing to provide instruments and lessons for youth across Canada.

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