Beautifully Human – Wellness

Walking the Healing Journey Together

Self-improvement is a constant in Glenn’s life, having recently completed a Master of Arts Degree at Wilfrid Laurier, a Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate at McMaster, Reiki Level II Certification. Glenn’s philosophy is establishing and nourishing a healing circle with his clients.


I am a retired First Responder with a 37-year career in policing. I was aware that I suffered from PTSD and tried different types of therapy that were not successful. I tried to live with depression and anxiety. After retiring it became worse and prevented me from leaving my house or engaging in any social functions.

Glenn has been a lifesaver. Literally. Glenn worked with me trying different types of therapy until things began to crack. He was very patient and spends a lot of his own time researching. Glenn educated me about my condition and the neuroscience going on in my brain when I am triggered. I have learned about Complex PTSD which I have suffered since childhood.

In addition, It has been an unforgettable spiritual healing, with drum therapy, burning therapy, Reiki, and sometimes simple nurturing which I lacked in my childhood.

I have been receiving counseling and healing practices from Glenn for almost a year now. Sometimes I regressed but Glenn persisted through all that. I no longer recognize my old self as I write this review. Glenn’s patience and guidance through this trauma have given me hope and the ability to enjoy life. I am forever grateful for his help.